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Shovelglove Community College
Urban Primalist

Welcome to Shovelglove Community College

Shovelglove Community College (SCC) was founded in 2010 to provide the primal community with access to the latest lectures, study guides, and half-baked, pseudoscientific "research" in the exciting field of shovelglove -- all at a low, low price.

SCC is not yet an accredited institution of higher learning, so we regret that we cannot offer tuition assistance to qualified applicants.  Nor can we offer tax deductions for your generous donations of cash, used cars, and bacon.  In fact, it's probably fraudulent of us even to use the plural first-person pronoun when referring to our dear alma mater, "Ole Shug".

So until our lawyers notify us that we qualify for large student loan disbursements, your tuition is free!

Course Catalog - Spring Quarter

Introductory, mandatory course.  History, safety tips, hammer anatomy, and warm-up motions.  3.0 credits.

Optional stretches.  Survey of history's great shovelglove masters.  Full-body motions to stretch and strengthen all major and minor muscle groups.  3.0 credits.

Optimizing duration, intensity, and frequency. Analysis of overtraining. Extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation. Full-body motions to produce maximum force and mechanical stress.

Ceremonial shovelglove defensive maneuvers.  SCC Form 1: defense against five attackers.  Graduation ceremonies.

Course Catalog - Summer Quarter

Review and elaboration of lessons learned to date.  Role of shovelglove in a fitness routine.  Sample workout with video demonstrations.  3.0 credits.

Wherein we learn to sprint and drive invaders from our homeland.  Includes a new technique (Moonshot) and the most punishing regimen yet. 3.0 credits.

Shovelglove 203 - Dual Wield Techniques
Do you have what it takes to satisfy two hammers at once?  It isn't easy, but it's very rewarding.  3.0 credits.


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